Light-Lattice House – Shoei Yoh

architecture, dwellings, light

light lattice house 1

The narrow openings allow the slits of light come into the room. It creates a  2d light imprint deformed by a 3d space. The effect is very evocative and allows for a light and cosy atmosphere.

designed by Shoei Yoh

source: the Architecture of Natural light by Henry Plummer (book)

Loblolly House – KieranTimberlake

architecture, dwellings, materials, themes, Wood

The Loblolly house is a prototype house built on tree trunks with sustainability in mind. It has a steel chassis to attach the prefabricated floors, walls and facade. After use, the house can be completely detached and only the tree trunks will be the only trail left behind of the building.

designed by KieranTimberlake

source: inhabitat